What is the Application Process?

1. LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) – You email us a LOI specifying the area of interest for the prospective franchise. It should also contain a brief description of your qualifications based on the Max's franchisee criteria list above.

2. FRANCHISE APPLICATION FORM – If you meet the criteria, we will request that you fill out and submit our Max's

Franchise Application Form and Business Plan.

3. PRELIMINARY INTERVIEW – We will send one of our representatives to meet with you and conduct an initial assessment of the area you are proposing.

4. CORPORATE INTERVIEW – You will have an interview with one of our Board of Directors.

5. FRANCHISE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT (FDD) – Our Franchise Disclosure Agreement will be sent to you for your review and your lawyer's review.

6. AGREEMENTS AND ORIENTATION – If you are approved as a franchisee, we will schedule the signing of the Franchise Agreement and Area Development Agreement (if applicable). You and your Managing Director will attend a 1 day orientation seminar.

7. SITE SELECTION – Max's Restaurant will work closely with you to analyze the market and select a suitable site.


To qualify as a Max's Restaurant franchisee, you must meet the following criteria:

1. You must know and believe in the Max's Restaurant brand.

2. You must be financially stable, with a net worth of $1 Million and $300,000 in liquidity.

3. You must have at least 5 years of business experience in a restaurant or retail selling.

4. You must have strong people skills and have handled at least 5 employees.

5. You must have at least 5 years of business experience in the area where the proposed site is located.

6. You must be willing to learn the Max's Restaurant business system and have time to attend training in Glendale, California (1 month), Las Vegas, Hawaii (7 days), and the Philippines.

7. You must be capable and willing to devote time to hands-on management of the restaurant.

8. You must be willing to work closely and receive guidelines from the franchisor and be comfortable with this arrangement.

9. You must understand the importance of quality customer service.

10. You must either live in the area of the restaurant or have a local equity partner who meets the above qualifications.

If you meet the above criteria, you may email your letter of intent and briefly describe how you meet the criteria to Lana Marcaida at lpm@maxsgroupinc.com by clicking below!