What is the Application Process?

1. LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) – You email us a LOI specifying the area of interest for the prospective franchise. It should also contain a brief description of your qualifications based on the Max's franchisee criteria list above.

2. FRANCHISE APPLICATION FORM – If you meet the criteria, we will request that you fill out and submit our Max's
Franchise Application Form and Business Plan.

3. PRELIMINARY INTERVIEW – We will send one of our representatives to meet with you and conduct an initial assessment of the area you are proposing.

4. CORPORATE INTERVIEW – You will have an interview with one of our Board of Directors.

5. FRANCHISE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT (FDD) – Our Franchise Disclosure Agreement will be sent to you for your review and your lawyer's review.

6. AGREEMENTS AND ORIENTATION – If you are approved as a franchisee, we will schedule the signing of the Franchise Agreement and Area Development Agreement (if applicable). You and your Managing Director will attend a 1 day orientation seminar.

7. SITE SELECTION – Max's Restaurant will work closely with you to analyze the market and select a suitable site.